DeskApp 1.4 is available

  • Kopano

    DeskApp is designed to be the bridge between WebApp and the desktop. DeskApp adds features a web application in a browser can’t, such as being set as the default email client, integrate with the file system to send any file as an attachment. Or even with the operating system so you can send emails from any office application.

    What’s new
    We’ve introduced a new download option. Instead of always opening or just saving downloads, a third option called “Ask on every download” is available. For new profiles this is the default option. This release also adds support for Debian 9 and made various bug fixes.

    If you want to see the full list, check out the changelog which can be found here.

    Where do I get the packages?
    You can download this release through the repositories, the portal or directly from the download server (all require authentication). The latest development build of DeskApp is also available through the community download server. Technical details can be found in the documentation. If you have any feedback on this new release, leave your comments here in the forum!

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