Custom Branding of Deskapp

  • Is there a way to custom brand DeskApp?
    If not can we request that feature?


  • Kopano

    What would you like to brand exactly?

  • Well, for starts:
    The graphic while DeskApp is loading.
    The title bar in the browser.
    Maybe the favicon and system tray icon???

    Can’t think of anything else… Not too much there besides that.


  • Kopano


    Ok, I See.

    Replacing some icons/graphics and text shouldn’t be too hard here.
    But you probably want to have that in the installers already, which would need a repackage then.
    This also includes signing the installer packages for example.

    Currently I don’t see a way how to brand DeskApp without changing it in the packages already, that would make sense.
    Maybe you have an idea?

    If you want to create branded packages on your own I can give you all the places that need to be adjusted.

  • Ok @bjoernneumann , I see what your saying. Wrapping it all up in an installer would greatly complicate things…

    I have done a fair job of customizing WebApp, however It was more complicated then I liked and I needed to document what I did in case upgrades broke it. But it was a one time job on a central server, so it was acceptable.

    Perhaps a single config file where the settings (i.e. location of login banner) can be altered.

    Or better yet, allow the install to use an answer file which could include locations for these settings? This could also then be used to set the default normal user settings??

  • Kopano

    @robertwbrandt Why don’t you use theming if you want to customize WebApp?

  • I did look at it, but it didn’t change what I wanted to change. I modified the entire login screen with a custom rotating background (I may have gone over the top) and other things which at the time weren’t available. I guess I could look at that again.

    Let me explain… We LOVE Kopano! But we have a small subset of users that hate anything that is “free” (i.e. Open Source) or isn’t Microsoft! Unfortunately these users have a very large voice and are influential. So whenever we roll out a product, I remove all evidence that it is Open-Source and just call it Mail (Kopano) or Documents (Alfresco)…
    0_1510051870130_Screenshot-2017-11-7 OPW WebMail.png

  • Kopano

    This might be easier to maintain in a theme (Should be the default theme)
    I’ve also created a ticket related to the themes we include and branding:

    But all this won’t help you with your DeskApp branding idea.

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