Deskapp 1.3.26 "Open DeskApp" option doesn't seem to work.

So I’ve noticed a weird thing:
In the both windows 64bit and Ubuntu versions I found that if you minimize Deskapp, you are unable to open it again if it is not in on the taskbar. The “Open DeskApp” option from the icon in the System Tray doesn’t work.

Or am I just using it wrong?

Hi Bob,

Could you install the latest master and try again?

I just downloaded the 1.4.2 final version and yes, it now works! Thanks

However, I’m surprised there isn’t a default action when you double click the system tray icon. Perhaps a feature request…



We tried that, didn’t work that well for windows and mac due to some reasons. Eventually we created a bug here:

it’s over 2,5 years ago and this issue still is open ?? Using DeskApp 1.9.0 and doubleclicking on the try icon does nothing, DeskApp does not open as expected. You need to right-click the tray icon and from the context-menu choose “Open DeskApp”

@micro Yes KD-104 is still open. As well as