Apologies if perhaps I am not doing something right here.

I installed:

Kopano Groupware Core & Archiver 8.4 final is now available

yesterday evening then I have just typed:


on the command line

and it comes up with ImportError: cannot import name _path

Running on Debian 8

Hi @mcostan I just tested this for version on debian 8, but I couldn’t reproduce this.

Very strange. With my Debian 8 and Kopano 8.4.2 i get:

root@srv:~# kopano-cli 
Name:                         Default
Address Book:                 visible
Public store:                 008D308B3D97409EB3828E1BCC4F0F29
Public store size:            0.00 MB
    (store): Everyone:read_items,folder_visible

No problems when i add --help.


it looks like something went wrong with the original installation, although it was running fine, i.e. kopano-server webapp and everything else was fine.

I re-installed the packages again and it was fine.

No idea why.

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