Kopano Groupware Core & Archiver 8.4 final is now available

Kopano Groupware Core provides the Groupware functionality of the Kopano stack and in most cases sits at the heart of every Kopano environment. It is therefore a key figure in our promise to deliver stability and extensibility of Kopano’s proven communication platform. Kopano Archiver consists of additional components that allow running Kopano Groupware servers dedicated on slower storage for archived messages whilst keeping them available transparently to the user.

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Hi Felix,

I saw a well drop down on utilization with 8.4.0 rc but now with final the utilization is as high if not higher than with 8.3.4 ?
Any hints on this ?


Hi @externa1 ,

what kind of utilisation are you speaking about?


mysql server cpu usage is high


red underline = 8.4.0-1540
blue underline =

And its the same on 4 different installations (all on univention ucs 4.2 errata 209)



It works now as fast as it was with RC Version :)


@externa1 / @fbartels thank you for reporting/fixing this as I was just about to do the same.


Is there an anticipated final release date for WebApp 3.4?

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