Deleted user still shows in "everyone"

I created a user some time ago called “nicola”

Note that I use the standard kopano user creation i.e. no LDAP or anything else, just plain kopano.

After a while I deleted the user with

kopano-admin -d nicola

I also purged all messages with:

kopano-admin --purge-softdelete


When I send an email to “everyone” I stil get a failed delivery note saying that the user “nicola” does not exist.

Kopano core version: latest production from the supported website.

Hello @mcostan ,

please always include the exact version number (e.g. from dpkg -l).

Debian 8

Hi @mcostan ,

I just tested this with (which is the current core:/final).

  • I switched the the db plugin
  • created two users (test1 and test2)
  • logged in with test1 to the webapp and looked at the gab.

-> both users are listed in the gab and looking at the everyone group both are listed as well

  • deleted test2
  • opened gab again.

-> now only test1 is listed and looking at the everyone group only test1 is listed there as well.

I am very sorry I did waste your time in this instance, I apologise for this.

The username was mispelt and I didn’t delete it after all.

Very very sorry, I am going to have a coffee and hopefully my mind will clear up!