To-do and Public Folder


Why are to-do list and tasks to see, which is actually double?
How can I set Public Folders in German? Was Zarafa still right in German?

Zarafa 7.1 (old)
0_1509271162765_Bildschirmfoto von »2017-10-29 10-58-00«.png

0_1509271174949_Bildschirmfoto von »2017-10-29 10-50-57«.png

Or the question concerns the core?

Hello @sinux ,

folder names is indeed something that is controlled by core and not webapp (I have moved your thread). For the name of the public folder you need to configure the desired locale in KOPANO_LOCALE (/etc/default/kopano on deb based distributions).

As for the duplicated task folder: is it displayed twice or do actually two task folders exist? From the pictures I would say the latter).

Thank you Felix,

Find the error KOPANO_LOCALE = "export LANG = de_DE.UTF-8"
Ups typical copying error
is correct "de_DE.UTF-8 "

This has also solved the To-do list problem!