Opening attachments


I allready know that deskapp uses an underlying browser that decides how attachments are opened. My workstation image has 3 browsers installed: edge, firefox and chrome.

Which browser is used?

Can I force to bypass browser settings and just OPEN attachments directly with whatever program is defined in windows without having to save first? Yet another something Im getting a lot of user complaints about.


Hi tbone,

Which browser is used?

Unfortunately is not yet available in the current version of Debian.
For whatever reason ;)

@sinux that’s not really accurate. The DeskApp uses nw.js as an engine (which in turn is based on Chromium). The key takeaway is that it is its own engine and does not rely on any preinstalled browser.

@fbartels ,

how can I change the atachment behavior on windows 10 using deskapp so that attachements are opened by windows’ default program instead of trying to save somewhere?

Looks like it, its not available on my version though. Ill install latest version, does that require latest kopano version. Thanks

edit: new version fixes problem :) sorry & thanks :)

@tbone and this is why its always important to specify the version number when reporting something ;-)