Upgrade from Zarafa - DB schema is 59 and older than v63

I’m triing to replace my ZCP 7.2.5 Server inplace with KC 8.4.90 but it fails while starting kopano-server because of older database version.

Mon Oct 23 01:05:34 2017: [warning] WARNING: DB schema is 59 and older than v63 (ZCP 7.2). KC 8.4 was the last version able to upgrade such.
Mon Oct 23 01:05:34 2017: [warning] You can force the server to start with --ignore-database-version-conflict
Mon Oct 23 01:05:34 2017: [warning] Warning, you can lose data! If you don’t know what you’re doing, you shouldn’t be using this option!
Mon Oct 23 01:05:34 2017: [ notice] Server shutdown complete.
Mon Oct 23 01:05:42 2017: [ notice] Starting kopano-server version 8.4.90 (pid 13701)

Any way to upgrade the Database?
Comunitiy Version, so i cant download an older Version.

Hello @christoph-goth ,

this seems to be a side effect of https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KC-839. 7.2.5 should actually still be supported for upgrades. I have created https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KC-859 to investigate a bit further.

A little Update on this:
The Inplace Upgrade on Ubuntu 14.04 got back to live with the suggested force-parameter, after migration to Debian 9 the parameter doesn’t have any effect, i’m completly unable to start the kopano-server.

Hi christoph,

Had similar problems with nightly updates from KC version to KC version???
Perhaps this will help you


Regards Sinux

Hi@sinux ,

I would not regard this as a general solution. Depending on the version you are coming from you could create an inconsistent database this way. The linked ticket is fixed meanwhile and will be included in the next upload.

Current Build did fix it, thanks a lot :)