(Solved) Update Issue

  • Hi,

    After an update from core- to core-, i get the following error “WARNING: Database version (8,4,90,2153382282,66) is newer than the server version (8,4,90,2153381888,66)” in server.log!
    The core- ist the last Paket from 13.10.2017
    There is no new update.
    Any Ideas?

    thx Sinux

  • Kopano

    Hello @Sinux ,

    the easiest thing is to simply delete the offending higher version from the versions table in the database.

  • Hi fbartels,

    thank you, I try it once but how can such a thing happen?


  • ok,

    here my Bash History from Linux Terminal and Mysql console ;)

    First Backup
    mysqldump -u root -p zarafa > kopano.sql

    mysql -u root -p
    USE zarafa;
    SHOW FIELDS FROM versions; (Overview=Überblick ;)
    SELECT * FROM versions;
    DELETE FROM versions WHERE revision=‘2153382282’;
    service kopano-server start
    service kopano-server status

    • kopano-server is running


    Warum auch immer das passiert ist es funktioniert jetzt endlich wieder.


  • Kopano

    Hello @sinux ,

    I’m wondering if this could be a side effect of https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KC-839. I have created https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KC-859 to investigate a bit further.

  • @sinux said in (Solved) Update Issue:
    Hi fbartels,

    thank you, I made a migration from Yaffas (7.1) to Kopano 8.3 some time ago.
    After that the nighlybuild updates ran without problem, until now ;)


  • Kopano

    Small update: the fix that is associated with https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KC-859 is included in the latest nightly, so the messages about old database revisions should now be gone.

  • Thank You fbartels,

    Stupid question, how can I mark the fred as solved?

  • Kopano

    @sinux said in (Solved) Update Issue:

    Stupid question, how can I mark the fred as solved?

    We don’t really work that way here, but if you really want to you can mark your initial post as a question (from the “topic tools”) and then could select one of the replies as “the answer”.

  • Thanks, then I leave it like that

  • I’m using kopano-server:amd64 (on Ubuntu 16.04) and get the following message when starting it.

    Sun Sep 10 16:23:53 2017: [ notice] Starting server version 8,4,0,644, pid 20894
    Sun Dec 3 14:29:02 2017: [ notice] Starting kopano-server version 8.4.90 (pid 996)
    Sun Dec 3 14:29:02 2017: [warning] WARNING: Database version (8,4,90,2153382282,66) is newer than the server version (8,4,90,2153381888,66)
    Sun Dec 3 14:29:02 2017: [warning] You can force the server to start with --ignore-database-version-conflict

    I’m not quite sure what I’ve updated from (might either have been 8.4.0~644-137.1 or…

    I’ve changed
    ExecStart=/usr/sbin/kopano-server -F --ignore-database-version-conflict
    to get it to start for now. Still strange, since I’m pretty sure I did not downgrade ?!?

    I’ve now updated another server which was previously on 8.3.0~1042 and this one did not have the database problem.

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