Kopano community or basic, how can i check


I should analyze a server. There is a kopano installed only unfortunately unfortunately I know this software still so good.

how can I determine if the free version is installed? or the Basic?

What I found in the webapp:
Kopano Core:

Can I check what is installed? MUC etc?


Hello @lars ,

there is no functional difference between the packages between the packages of the community and supported editions. If you have a version listed in https://documentation.kopano.io/kopano_changelog/, then you have a supported edition. And if you have access to portal.kopano.com and/or download.kopano.io/supported then you can fetch updates for this installation and open support cases.

@fbartels said in Kopano community or basic, how can i check:

there is no functional difference

I found this:
here many differences are shown, is it not correctly?

the problem is that I have not installed it.
So without the license I can not update?

Hi @lars ,

no that table is wildly incorrect. The latest version can be found at https://kopano.com/pricing/

You currently don’t have to have a license manager installed, but you need to know your license key to access the update repositories. How this is managed is explained at https://kb.kopano.io/display/WIKI/Install+Kopano+products+using+repositories

Thanks a lot