Autodiscover for Outlook 2016

  • Hi!
    z-push 2.3.8 + BackendZimbra
    After last update MS Office can’t manualy make activesync configuration for Outlook 2016.

    Make install autodiscover, config:

        define('ZPUSH_HOST', '');
        define('TIMEZONE', 'Europe/Moscow');
        define('BASE_PATH', dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']). '/');
        define('USE_FULLEMAIL_FOR_LOGIN', true);
        define('LOGBACKEND', 'filelog');
        define('LOGFILEDIR', '/var/log/z-push/');
        define('LOGFILE', LOGFILEDIR . 'autodiscover.log');
        define('LOGERRORFILE', LOGFILEDIR . 'autodiscover-error.log');
        define('LOGLEVEL', LOGLEVEL_WBXML);
        define('LOGUSERLEVEL', LOGLEVEL);
        $specialLogUsers = array();
        // Syslog settings
        // false will log to local syslog, otherwise put the remote syslog IP here
        define('LOG_SYSLOG_HOST', false);
        // Syslog port
        define('LOG_SYSLOG_PORT', 514);
        // Program showed in the syslog. Useful if you have more than one instance login to the same syslog
        define('LOG_SYSLOG_PROGRAM', 'z-push-autodiscover');
        // Syslog facility - use LOG_USER when running on Windows
        define('LOG_SYSLOG_FACILITY', LOG_LOCAL0);
        define('BACKEND_PROVIDER', 'BackendZimbra');

    Autosicover XML:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Autodiscover xmlns="">
    <Response xmlns="">

    add line to apache config:

    AliasMatch (?i)/Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml "/usr/share/z-push/autodiscover/autodiscover.php"

    And cant normaly config connection with server activesync, Log:

    17/10/2017 15:23:04 [21670] [FATAL] [unknown] Exception: (AuthenticationRequiredException) - Unauthorized
    17/10/2017 15:23:04 [21670] [ERROR] [unknown] Unable to complete autodiscover incorrect request: 'Unauthorized'

  • Kopano

    Hello @shin0bi2014 ,

    is this a howto or are you reporting that something is not working for you?

    Microsoft explains in how to restore the old account setup.

  • @fbartels i try it< but i dont have folder “setup”( try create folder and add dword but nothink) there, thats why i try config autodiscover
    first message its my config

  • @fbartels
    close ticket thank you, i found ready reg file and thats ok now
    thank !

  • The new Outlook 2016 process is the same as outlook mobile uses I think.

    You’ll find it’s not your computer ip connecting to the mail server, but an MS server that will download and “process” your email, while your device connects to the server.

    Outlook Mobile will still work connecting to z-push activesync after failing with autodiscover.

    I suspect they are moving to requiring some oauth rather than basic auth, to avoid actually keeping everyone’s real username/password, but I haven’t had time to finish investigating yet.

  • Kopano

    @freescape said in Autodiscover for Outlook 2016:

    I think

    Do you have anything to back up your claim?

  • At this pointy merely the observation that the autodiscover process looks the similar from O2016 “simplified” account creation as it does from Outlook mobile.

    • The autodiscover requests come from an MS owned server IP, not the computer/device IP.
    • They both pass the username, but not the password even after the 401/Basic response.

    After the two failed requests, they diverge:

    • O2016 falls back to making a request for autodiscover/outlook schema from the real IP (and uses basic auth with password)
    • Mobile allows the user to specify the activesync server name, then starts talking to it (from an MS server IP - the client only talks to the MS server - the MS server has kept the creds and does the talking to activesync from then on)

    I haven’t had the time to debug much further, and it gets pretty annoying because after a couple of tries, the MS server caches the failed autodiscovery and stops trying for that domain for a while.

    I expect this stuff is still in a state of flux as MS maybe works to integrate the accompli tech into desktop Office.

  • Random musing: If the client machine is Windows 7 w/ Outlook 2016, it will attempt to use TLSv1.0 for AutoDiscover. This will be a problem if the webserver has disabled TLSv1.0 (for compatibility with PCI/DSS, for example). The rest of the system will connect and work fine. This is NOT a problem with Windows 10. The solution for Windows 7 is to make sure you have the TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 libraries installed, and make the registry patches to ensure that the stronger TLS libraries are used.

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