Kopano installation Documentation


I noticed that the documentation reports:

and for RHEL based system “yum localinstall <package>”.

I think it may be worth updating it for the RHEL based systems which now use dnf (the parameter localinstall I think it’s now just install).

I’m not much of a RHEL guy, is dnf installed by default on RHEL 6 and 7?

Yum should be fine on RHEL but for Fedora > 20 something (can’t remember) the command for installing local packages is:

dnf install packages*.rpm

that is dnf (in place of yum) install (in place of localinstall)

yum will still work although redirected to dnf but localinstall won’t. You need to type install

Perhaps you can simply add a line in regards to people using DNF and leave the yum one alone as that covers RHEL 6 etc.

that really sounds more confusing for readers as just leaving it as it is.


How about

…and for RHEL based system “yum localinstall <package>”.
For Fedora you should use dnf install <package>.

Thing is: yum localinstall <package> won’t work on Fedora.

But Fedora is neither a supported distribution, nor mentioned anywhere else in that document (apart from the sentence that says for fedora you can use the same build dependencies as for RHEL).


in which case it is fine as it is. Yum localinstall works for RHEL.