All mails in "draft" after pst import

Re: pst file import

Hi all, i’m wondering if there ever was a solution found related to the issue in the above link. I’m suffering from the exact same problem here. After importing the pst-file created by Exchange Server 2010, i find all my imported mail (done with kopano-migration-pst) in status “draft” within my inbox (including all subfolders). Any hint is much aprecciated.

btw: All mails forwarded/imported by fetchmail are displayed correctly.

Hello @tompf ,

unfortunately you don’t post the version you are experiencing this with. The issue was fixed in which has been available since the 8.3.4 release.

Hello fbartels,
thank you for your quick reply and pointing me into the right direction.
I have used version 8.3.1~35-6.1 that was installed from the UCS package repository (UCS version 4.2.2). Can you please let me know where I can find the latest version of the migration tool (8.3.4)?

Hi @tompf ,

if you have a subscription then you can easily update by following the steps outlined in

If you don’t have a subscription then you could still grab the community downloads from and only update the migration tool and python-kopano. But to not mess with you current system too much I would recommend to install the migration tool onto a separate system.

Hello Felix,
after updating the migation tool to the latest version and rerunning the import, I’m still facing the same issue :-(
Updating the python-kopano package messed up my installation (migration tool stops working afterwards with python errors). Guess I will wait until Kopano Core within the official UCS repository will be updated to a newer version and I will give it another try then.
Anyway … thanks alot for your support!

Hi @tompf ,

did you try to import into the same store? You’d have to import it into a new store as far as I know, since else the migration tool will detect the mail as already imported.

Hello Felix,
I’ve done the import on a new created store (also user was recreated before).
The version of the migration tool I have used for this is (from the last nightly build)
Best regards,