Integrating Mattermost into Web/DeskApp

As far as I can tell, the only way to now intergrate Mattermost into Web/DeskApp is to use the WebApp Intranet plugin. Am I correct??

Assuming I am, I have configured the plugin as so:

define('PLUGIN_INTRANET_BUTTON_TITLE', 'Mattermost');
define('PLUGIN_INTRANET_URL', 'https://mattermost/');

When I do this, I see a “Loading” GIF with a Cert Error behind but greyed out so I can’t hit continue (I’m using a self-signed cert which I have previously accepting in the same browser)

If I change the URL to use normal HTTP like:

define('PLUGIN_INTRANET_URL', 'http://mattermost/');

I see a “Loading” GIF with a blank screen…

I’m guessing that this is because of some secure/insecure problem in the browser!
So I’ve tried to modify the WebApp server to perform a reverse look up using a custom site config hoping to get around this problem: (The Mattermost server is available on port 8065 (from the Application) and 80 and 443 (from Nginx)

ProxyPass "/mattermost"  "http://mattermost:8065/"
ProxyPassReverse "/mattermost"  "http://mattermost:8065/"

But if I test the webpage (i.e. http://mail/mattermost) all I get is a “Cannot connect to Mattermost” notice on the webpage.

Any ideas how to get this to work?

RTFM… :)



it’s all in your signature;) Felix
very good work

Regards Sinux

Ubuntu 14.04
Kopano Core 8.5.81 latest Community Version
Z-Push: 2.3.8+0-0
MariaDB 5.5.58

Debian Testing
Kopano Core 8.3.4-4
Webapp 3.4.5+dfsg1-1
Z-Push 2.3.8-2
Maria DB 1:10.1.29-6

So here is my problem…

Users can access our webapp via or https://mail/ however it seems I can only enter a single URL into the NGINX config - this doesn’t even include my random testing sites.

Is there a way to allow all URLs for CORS?


@robertwbrandt there are multiple ways. see for example.

Generally speaking I would recommend to unify hostnames so they are the same for internal and external access. makes ssl certificates easier to manage as well.

Good man!!! I was too focused on the X-Frame-Options which can’t have multiple entries…

It works great in Chrome and Firefox, but IE doesn’t like it (although it allows you to open it up in another tab.)

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