Feature request - Mattermost Desktop Client improvements

  • So I finally got around to migrating my “hacked” Mattermost/Gitlab installation to a proper built system (using the Kopano repos) and I know have a number of observations/requests. I’m not sure this is the right forum for this, but I have no contacts in Mattermost to raise this issue.

    I found and installed the Mattermost Desktop Client which I am trilled with!! However, I noticed a few small issues:

    • Automated Deployment - If I were to push this out to an Enterprise, there seems to be no way to automatically set the various settings that are available.
    • Single Sign On - Ideally I would like to see a SSO capability so users don’t have to worry when passwords get changed.
    • Single User install - The installation seems to place the files in the specific users AppData folder making it unavailable to other users that might log in on that workstation.
    • Online/Away Presence - I would like to see this aspect enhanced.
      ** There’s no settings to control how soon this takes effect.
      ** There’s no simple “right-click” change feature on the System Tray Icon.
      ** There are only 3 options. Custom options might be nice too.
      ** When the status does change, it doesn’t display for other users clearly. (I realize this last two points might have more to do with the server side itself)


  • Kopano

    Hello @robertwbrandt ,

    since the Mattermost DeskApp is not a product of ours its better to open up a dedicated post in their forum: https://forum.mattermost.org/.

    PS: when rolling out Kopano DeskApp you could also integrate Mattermost into this.

  • That is a an excellent point about DeskApp!

    Can I change the Feature Request to:

    • Allowing DeskApp to change/update the presence status in Mattermost.
    • Allowing the Desktop Notifications Plugin to notify of Mattermost events as well.

  • Kopano

    Hi @robertwbrandt ,

    I’ve created a ticket for the WebApp integration for the presence: https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KM-19

    I actually am able to see Mattermost notifications when using the DeskApp (they are the same as when using Mattermost in the browser).

  • Excellent! I haven’t tried successfully integrated Mattermost into WebApp yet, planning on doing that tomorrow.


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