Feature request - Kopano Authentication Intergration

  • So I finally got around to migrating my “hacked” Mattermost/Gitlab installation to a proper built system (using the Kopano repos) and I know have a number of observations/requests. I’m not sure this is the right forum for this, but I have no contacts in Mattermost to raise this issue.

    I am now working with using a custom system (hack) where whenever a user changes their password, this information is captured and the user is created in Mattermost (if not already present) and the password is changed. Thereby keeping Mattermost in sync with our network.
    However, it might be nice to have a integration where Mattermost looks directly at Kopano for it’s user information. This would insure that all Kopano users are Mattermost users from creation to deletion.


  • Kopano

    Hello @robertwbrandt ,

    this is something that could be achieved by purchasing a Mattermost Enterprise license, which would then allow your users to be managed with LDAP.

    A bit further down the road (once we have our oidc component ready) we want to see if we can contribute a general oidc provider to Mattermost.

  • Kopano

    We have a pr ready that implements OpenID connect (as for example provided through Kopano Konnect). We still need some more votes on the feature request to convince the Mattermost team that the community wants it. Please feel free to share the link ;-)


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