High CPU and system load by apache

HI, I’m currently having a system with zpush configured and backed by apache and zimbra. I’m getting a system load of 70 % cpu and 50 load average. This value is getting high by time.
My Zpush version is 2.2.2-1981 and System is runing on Redhat 7.3. I have 16 GB or RAM and 8 Core CPU.
Please help me to sort this issue.

Hello @sachithra ,

since this is not a general Zimbra forum I have moved your thread into the Z-Push corner of this forum.

@sachithra said in High CPU and system load by apache:


You Z-Push version is ancient. 2.2.2 has been released in july 2015.

Which backend are you using?

@liverpoolfcfan backend is zimbra 8.6 on Redhat 7.3 with apache

I meant which z-push backend are you using?

Is this still an issue?

Please let us know which z-push you are using, and if it is the zimbra backend please le me know the release number

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