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  • We have an Public Folder with much Contacts and multiples Phonenumbers. This folder is used for the CTI Client. The CTI Client need Outlook to configure the Path to the public folder. We are planing to change to Deskapp and want to move the Contact-Informations to ActiveDirectory. (The CTI Client can use LDAP as source to)

    My questions:

    1. How can I move the data?
    2. How can I add the “LDAP-Adressbook” to Kopano?
    3. Can i maintain the “LDAP-Adressbook” via DeskApp?

    Thanks for the helpfull response here

  • Kopano

    @mykey0815 said in Public Adressbook to AD:

    How can I move the data?

    using e.g. python-kopano you could try exporting the existing folder as csv (If I remember correctly there was also a script somewhere for this already)

    @mykey0815 said in Public Adressbook to AD:

    How can I add the “LDAP-Adressbook” to Kopano?

    something like this was recently discussed in

    @mykey0815 said in Public Adressbook to AD:

    Can i maintain the “LDAP-Adressbook” via DeskApp?

    No, you need to maintain it in LDAP.

  • thanks - that was very helpfull

    I found following script for exporting Contacts.

    I try to use it to export Public folder Contacts with this syntax:

    python --user username --folder "Public Folders\Intern" --export --delimiter ";"

    Result is:

    kopano.errors.NotFoundError: no such folder: 'Public Folders\Intern'

    How is the syntax to export a contact folder frm the public folders? Or is that the wrong script - it´s not so easy to find them. For personal contacts it works fine - but i need the export/import for public folder contacts

  • Kopano

    Hi @mykey0815 ,

    without trying it myself I would say that you probably have to specify SYSTEM as the user you want to act upon (thats the internal user belonging to the public store).

  • Thank you for the tipp with the system-user. But not working :-(

    I try it with “Public Folders\Intern” and “Public Folders\Adressbuch Intern” and “Public Folders” - but every time came up the “NotFoundError”

    How can I find out, which is the correct Folderstructurename?

  • Hi MyKey0815,

    there is new version of the script available. With that version I’ve exported a user and a public contacts folder.

    Perhaps you use it.


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