Release 67 of the z-push zimbra backend has been uploaded to SourceForge

As always - please read the full Release Notes before upgrading

Changes Made To Revision 67:

  • Allow for iPxx device meeting modification request with shadow data
  • Changed ZIMBRA_DEBUG logging of folder setup to only fire on word ‘setup’
  • Move GetMailboxSearchResults() Log line to avoid warning on no folder Id
  • Tidy up logging in GetMailboxSearchResults()
  • Add debug logging of unidentified incoming Timezone in ChangeMessage()
  • unset $preModAppt->recurrence->premodtype after using it to fix type
  • Log error and return false if GetMsgResponse is not present in response
  • Add config.php option ZIMBRA_DISABLE_BIRTHDAY_SYNC
  • Don’t allow difference in dtstamp of appointment exceptions cause an issue
  • Keep original Organizer for Tasks in ChangeMessage
  • Check for service.PROXY_ERROR in Login and ChangesSink in multi-server setup
  • If no Change Token is returned from CreateWaitSet then delay and return
  • Updated comment on FakeOutbox