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  • Hello,
    i am new with Kopano and never used Zarafa too. I installed Kopano Core with WebApp, Files, Z-Push successfully and added my first User with MySQL Backend, but after login i wonder how to add an existing IMAP Mailstore. I searched and found, that this is not possible with Kopano, but iam unsure because this was an old entry vor Zarafa. I have a own Server with a hand full of domanis which i controlled via a server control panel in vhosts. I want to use Kopano as an extra Groupware on that and want to connect to existing Dovecot IMAP. So is this possible and when how?
    thx to all.

  • Hi,
    has anyone an idea how to use an existing IMAP with Kopano?

  • Kopano

    Hello @Sunghost ,

    no this has remained unchanged, to take full advantage of Kopano/Zarafa you’d also have to migrate the mailstore to Kopano.

  • Hi Felix,
    that sounds for my server situation very bad. As i wrote i have a server which i use for multidomain hosting with apache vhost and own typical dovecot, postfix, mysql construct. So as far as i understand i have to create an own server only for Kopano and the mail thing, never done this before…is it just an setting of the mail entry in dns and on the webserver a transport rule to Kopano? How does it work in detail?

  • @Sunghost


    As far as I am aware, to use Kopano (e.g. webapp etc.), you do have to point your email into newly created users in Kopano.

    If you want or need, you can also import the existing email into Kopano via the imap importer so that you have the full history of the emails you previously had.

    You will have to use an MTA to deliver email to Kopano, either sendmail or postfix or perhaps others (I use sendmail, but I suspect I am the minority).

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