SmartHost experience

Hi Forum!

we are searching for a ‘SmartHost’-service that is big enough to adequately manage Spam- and Virus-filtering, but is also available for professional support in case of troubles.
By a SmartHost-service I mean an external Spam-/Virus-filter that we can use to ‘hide behind’ to prevent IP-blacklisting for our customers.

Ideally the service would provide:

  • Spam- and Virus-filtering for both incoming and outgoing mail
  • Delivery to and from the service via Postfix via multiple IP-adresses, for customers with redundant Internetconnections
  • Usefull interface to ‘unblock’ false negatives and to ‘train’ false positives
  • Buffering of mail in case our own on-premise Kopano-server(s) is/are unavailable
  • Affordable. It doesn’t have to be free, but is shouldn’t be a moneydrain either. We prefer a per-domain pricing plan

Extra bonus-plus-credits would be:

  • Possibility to ‘archive’ (or ‘tap’) both incoming and outgoing messages for later retrieval (for forensic/accountability reasons)
  • Webmail access for end-users to their buffered and/or blocked mail

I assume more of the readers of this forum would be interested.
Maybe you are using such a service, of maybe you provide such a service.

We would like to know you!

I am using email services from DuoCircle ( They should be able to cover most (if not all) of the functionality you listed. There infrastructure is hosted on AWS, so it is pretty reliable. In the last 3 years I have been using this, there has been no single issue.

We use IKARUS since over 10 years now


Hi all,

thanks for the replies!

I have done some investigation and I ended my quest.
We are moving our customers to ‘’.

They re-sell the SpamExperts-product hosted on their own servers.

They are professional yet small enough to talk-to-the-tech, and they provide all my basic needs (see original list).
At the moment they don’t provide e-mail archiving, but they are re-considering that after I explained my wish to use it.

And best of all; they are very affordable; Less than € 2,- per domain per month, for both incoming and outgoing Spam/virus-filtering.

Please understand I have no relation at all with, apart from being a happy customer of them.
In the short relation that we have (a few days now) I was realy exited about their support and performance.

Hope this helps someone in the future…!

Cheers, Joost

I use MailScanner, plus clamav, plus spamassassin, plus relaydelay (grey listing), plus pyzor and a few others more.

And therefore handle all the incoming and outgoing email directly without an external smart host.

It does require a bit of work, but the advantage is that it is all in house and once you get it right it is in your full control.