Customising subject line for out of office

  • I am looking to customise the Kopano out of office subject so that it interacts with our ticketing system.

    Currently I cannot see a way, either through Webapp or through the kopano-set-oof script to change the way the original mail subject is displayed.

    When out of office is triggered, no matter what is configured for the subject line, the original subject is sent in square brackets, so the out of office subject will look something like:

    I am out of the office [Subject of mail OOF is responding to]

    The square brackets are causing some problems with my ticketing system and I would like to be able to remove them completely.

    Is this configurable either via Kopano Webapp or the kopano-set-oof script?

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Kopano

    Hello @markct ,

    there is no configuration option to influence the subject of out of office messages.

    Theoretically speaking all parts of the oof message go through /usr/sbin/kopano-autorespond you should be able to remove/replace these characters with e.g. sed inside of this script. Please be aware that this script will be overwritten during upgrade, so its better to create a separate copy and make the dagent use this instead of the original one (see man kopano-dagent for instructions).

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