Deskapp/Webapp: Signatures and Flags

We now using Outlook and Kopano. For the signatures in our company we use a program that generates via login a signature for every user with data from the AD. Some Values are Name and Phonenumber. How can we do it with the Deskapp?

And same with flags. We deploy a standard set of flags wirt description of using. But how can i standazise that with the WebApp?

I cant help you with the flags, but the signatures is very easy.
You can use the signature templating functions of Kopano, described in here:
If you would like to set signature for your users, you have to look at these scripts:
I think these scripts are integrated in the packages, so you can found this scripts on your own server also.


Thank you very much. I find your response much helpfull. But i dont find the script on my installation. Could it be that i must install a package? Where the script is normale installed on Ubuntu 14.04?

Thanks for answer

Hi @mykey0815 ,

which one is it now UCS or Ubuntu?

In any case, both systems have these scripts located at /usr/share/doc/kopano-webapp/scripts/signatures

Thanks for the fast response.

Sorry for confusing, but i maintain several instances and installations of Kopano ;-)

And the installation on the Ubuntu 14.04 is working. But the UCS-System has the problem with the replacement now