Mattermost auto-login

  • Hi,

    A files like “login with Kopano credentials” will be implemented in the future? I can install the Mattermost server, and the Intranet plugin, but in this case its only a frame in WebApp. I have to login spearate, and etc. Or it will be handled by the OpenID integration in the future? :)


  • Kopano

    Hi @zkiss ,

    the good news first: unlike with the backends of the files plugin you do not have to re-login at every use, but only after your session has grown to be more than 30 days old.

    From an architecture perspective we opted against storing the user credentials in the WebApp settings for Mattermost, given the 30 days session lifetime, this felt like a good tradeoff (more security compared to the minor inconvenience for logging in every thirty days).

    But yes, given the right Mattermost edition auto login via OIDC could be a possibility as well.

  • Thanks for your answer @fbartels . I can accept your standpoint about the security. But if we investigating this from the user experience, even if we have a 30 days lifetime session its annoying to login into a system, and login to an another system, and so on and so on. In the future OpenID maybe help us out from this situation.

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