Use server date for e-mail when fetching with fetchmail

Hi, I had to load a huge package of old mail via fetchmail (POP3). In Kopano the server used the present/fetch date for those e-mails. Is there any way to use the original date for the e-mails for new fetch process or for existing e-mails within Kopano as e.g. Outlook displays the correct date within the e-mail but wrong in the overview list.


Hi @olabre ,

unfortunately this is not possible. Kopano (in most if not all cases) uses the delivery date to display your mails. If you fetch mails via fetchmail and deliver them through the dagent, this date will reflect the time it was delivered through the dagent.

Thx Felix - thats not good new

I tested with imapsync to get an initial sync - worked for me.
This shall be operated once only to get an initial sync - after this fetchmail does the rest of the daily job.
I moved a total of 16T e-mails using this tool. Took me a while :-)


P.S. Note that you cannot use the --sslx option for IP
imapsync --host1 server1 --user1 user@server1 --password1 user1password --ssl1 --host2 server2 --user2 user@server2 --password2 user2password --ssl2

P.S. 2: What about this tool: - seems like the same based on imapsync

@olabre said in Use server date for e-mail when fetching with fetchmail:

seems like the same based on imapsync

Its not only based on imapsync, but simply a packages version of it. You can find some other migration ways in

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