Installation of Core on Ubuntu 16.04 - Missing Dependency

  • Hi!

    Installing core- on a updated Ubuntu 16.04.3 with Apache2.4 and mod-php following (create tmp-folder, download the right tar.gz, unpacking, running sudo dpkg -i *.deb and apt-get -f install) ends with a missing dependency.

    gsoap-dbg depends on gsoap-kopano-dev, this package is neither in the tar.gz nor can be downloaded by apt-get. So gsoap-dbg stays unconfigured.

    Trying to run the Server “service kopano-server start” leads to exit with error code 255.

    (Webapp is installed and can be reached)

    Can anybody reproduce this error?
    Any way to fix it?


  • Kopano

    Hi @gstfl ,

    thanks for your report we actually already fixed this dependency a few days ago, but this updated version has not yet been uploaded to the download server. We’ll investigate this and will push some new downloads later today.

    In the meantime: I would really not recommend to blindly installing all packages in the archive. There are quite some debug and development related packages in the archive, that are not needed for daily operation (only useful if a developers wants to debug something).

    In the howto I gave a much better way to install the packages in a comment:

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