Kopano Core 8.1.0 final is available

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    Making communication and sharing easier, faster and more productive is an ongoing process and we are dedicated to deliver the very best communication experience to our customers. With the release of Kopano Core 8.1 we’ve made another big step in the delivery of our communication and sharing foundation.


    Performance improvements
    With the delivery of asynchronous storing of MAPI Logon/Logoff time requests we have drastically improved overall performance in Kopano Core. Accompanied with further MySQL enhancements, Kopano Core 8.1 is the fastest and most stable version we have ever been able to provide.

    New platform support
    Ubuntu 16.04 support is now officially available with MySQL 5.7 and PHP 7 support built-in. Everyone can now benefit of the improvements of this state-of-the-art component stack, in which this also complements to the general performance improvements made already by Kopano Core.

    Multi-server compatibility
    With Kopano Core 8.1 we’ve made it easier than ever to switch and setup a Kopano Core Multi-Server environment, also allowing a transparent migration from other nodes in your environment.

    Switchable memory allocator
    Improvements to the memory management allow us to provide the use of a switchable memory allocator. This improvement also provides extensive memory allocation analysis to switch for example memory allocation libraries and support you even better in the future.

    Generic enhancements, code sanitation
    We’ve also included many other stability and optimization fixes, such as resolving memory leaks (KC-12, KC-72), fixed some ldap_search timeout issues (KC-74), optimized ICS (KC-52) and many other smaller fixes. From systemd enhancements to backup improvements we are delighted to also have massively optimized our stack by cleaning up code by removing no more necessary code and simply just making Kopano Core more compatible and stable, in short: better.

    With this release Kopano Core 8.1 & WebApp 3.1 are now officially supported for the use with Ubuntu 16.04. Z-Push is working hard on also providing PHP 7 support, allowing a full stack installation as soon as possible.

    The packages can be found in the repositories, the portal and the download server (all require login). The changelog is available here.

    We value your input
    Please share your experience with us – we continuously strive to deliver our customers the best communication and sharing platform available. Please send your feedback to feedback@kopano.com

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