After Migration: No connection to ldap

I try to make the workflow of the migration. I have a clone from our live system in Hyper-V. The Migrationscript is working successfull and kopana is starting successfull (logfile message)

But when I try to connect via WebApp then the error come up that no connection to ldap is possible.

I have checked the connection settings in ldap.conf and the are the same as before. But i cannot login via WebApp

Here my Infrastructure: AD (Windows 2012 R2) - Zarafa 7.2 => Kopano 8.3 (on Ubuntu 14.04)

The Kopano Active Directory Extension 1.0 final is NOT installed yet on the AD - were are not mess up the live system

How can I find out, what is missing - or can I install the AD-Extension now and Zarafa (old) is working till we migrate?

Hi @mykey0815 ,

what is the exact error message you get in the webapp? does it list your users at all when you call kopano-admin -l?

When you set your log_level to 0x00020003 it will show you all the search queries kopano performs against the ldap.

Thank you for your reply

4 times i recive a “result : 1” when it search for my user name and password. It will search for “zarafaAccount” (thats right - the schema is old and the config is not changed to the new one)

But the Webapp-Page will be empty - nothing will be shown - but the ldap-connection should work fine.

I think i start a new question ;-) With the empty webapp-page

Hi @MyKey0815 ,
I really think you should migrate to the ne ldap schema.
You can find some information here:
I also had some problems.
best regards