Announcing the "Kopano Contributor Edition"

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    The Kopano Contributor Edition gives active community members access to the benefits of the commercial subscription packages without having to make a monetary contribution. These packages on the other hand will not get the same level of technical support available to the commercial subscription packages and are only allowed to be used for private installations or development purposes.

    Am I elegible for the Kopano Contributor Edition?

    With the Kopano Contributor Edition we want to provide a small goodie to those helping to spread the word about Kopano and those that are actively helping to make our software better. You can apply for this special edition if you do one or more of the following on a regular basis:

    • are helping to package and compile Kopano for distributions not covered by Kopano
    • are an active member of the Kopano Forum and are therefore helping others in getting their Kopano Services up an running
    • contribute to Kopano either by writing and submitting patches or maintaining translations through the Kopano Weblate system
    • are helping to make Kopano better known by blogging about Kopano and recent releases
    • are talking about Kopano on social media platforms
    • are providing regular feedback on releases and pre-releases of Kopano software

    Do you think this applies to you? Apply at

    If you meet these criteria you will receive a subscription key for Kopano Pro for 20 users valid for one year. Shortly before your subscription will expire you can contact us and we will check once again if you are still elegible. The subscription will never be converted into a paid for subscription. To make communication easier you will also be invited to a dedicated channel on Kopanos Mattermost system.

    PS: are you already a registered Kopano partner and want to get the same early access to provide release feedback? Shoot us an email at feedback at kopano dot io.

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