Kopano on UCS: Changing e-mail address deletes e-mails?


we are replaced an Exchange 2003 with kopano 8.3.1 on a UCS 4.2.1.
After we added the users and their e-mail addresses, migrated their emails to the new server, one of the users told us, that we had assigned the wrong e-mail address: Instead of NAME@domain.com it should be contact@domain.com.

When we did that, ALL e-mails of this account disappeared! Switching back to the old address did not return the emails.

My question now is, whether this is an expected behaviour or a bug? And is there a chance to somehow restore the emails? kopano-admin --list-orphans does not list an old/deleted account.

Thanks for any hints and comments,


Hi @smguenther ,

for urgent matters I can only recommend to contact our support instead of the forum (just saw your post since I was responding to some other questions here).

But no, this is not expected behaviour. Changing the email address will not change the mails you see in your store.

Hi fbartels,

what other information maybe helpful for the support?


Hi @smguenther ,
i could think if the ldap configuration. but maybe a remote session will be needed.