[solved] Fix mail message

  • Hi together,

    I imported some old mail messages in one mailbox via pst-migration-tool. Looking at the messages in WebApp, they don´t have a date and in the preview pane I see the message “This message is corrupt and will not be displayed correctly, Click here to fix it.” Once I clicked on it, I confirm the pop-up and the message is corrected, I can see the received date and everything is fine.

    Is there a way to fix this via admin-tool? kopano-fsck is only fixing calendars etc. but not the mail messages in my inbox. I don´t want to click around 1400 mails to fix them manually.

    Thanks for your help


  • Kopano

    Hi @rittel ,

    I think the better place to fix this would be the pst migration tool. You sadly did not mention the version of Kopano you are experiencing this with. I would suggest trying to reimport your message with the migration tool supplied with the nightly release and if the issue then still occurs we would need to have a look at (some) of your messages in the pst file.

    If you have a valid subscription you could submit your pst file through our support. If you are running the community builds you could submit your pst to feedback at kopano dot io.

  • Hi and thanks for your quick answer, Felix.

    My core version is 8.3.1-35. Thing is, these e-mails were really old .eml-messages. I imported them to Windows Live Mail and afterwards exported them to an outlook-pst file which I imported via the kopano-migration tool.

    Importing them again, ok, means a lot of manual comparison which ones to delete, but I will go this way. Just thought that maybe there is a admin command as the webapp somehow is able to fix the messages directly (therefore I thought the funtionality is there).

    Will update the message here, once I was able to re-import the messages!


  • Kopano

    Hi @rittel ,

    Small tip. For testing purposes you should import these into a testing account.

  • Hallo,

    wollte noch eine Rückmeldung geben. Es lag nicht am Import-Tool, sondern an der PST-Datei bzw. den Mail darin. Beim Weg von EML > Windows Live Mail > Outlook ging etwas nicht sauber rüber. Habe dann die EML-Dateien direkt mit einem Tool in Outlook importiert und konnte diese dann sauber mit kopano-migration-pst importieren!

    Danke für die Hilfe!


  • Sorry, replied in german :-(

    So, problem was not the kopano import tool, but the messages within the PST file. Somehow on the way from EML > Windows Live Mail > Outlook something went wrong.
    I then imported the EML files directly into Outlook with a free tool and they were imported correctly. I then used kopano-migration-pst to import the PST file and everything worked fine!

    Thanks for the help


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