Are there different kinds of confirmations and signatures for emails in Kopano?


First. I am looking for a possibility to distinguish between Transmission Confirmation and Read Confirmation because read confirmations can be rejected by the recipient.
Second. I would like to define a “global”, unchangeable email-Singnature which always appears beside the individual, users-specific email-signature.

Thank you for every advice!

Hello @nonic ,

what you are looking for can (and probably even must) be achieved on a different level than the sending client (before your post was in the WebApp section), therefore I moved you to the general discussion section.

The signature part is easy. Altermime (see for an example howto) is a tool that is often used for this, but there are also other solutions.

For the notifications “delivery status notifications” seem to be what you want (see, but even these can be turned off by the administrator. And it probably is on most servers, since the setting is on by default in kopano spooler.

Hi @nonic,

There are also possibilities with Kopano components: kopano-spooler can add a ‘disclaimer’ to your messages (

If you’re using WebApp, you can create a signature ‘template’, which is filled with the information in the Global Address Book. While this is not unchangeable, you can use this feature to create a common signature for all members of your organization. Check out for details.