E-mail headers in Android 6.0 using embedded email app

Hi , i have a problems with z-push 2.3.7 ,i have configured email on my android phone using embedded email app ,but e-mail headers suddenly appears in user-view (just look screenshot)

How can i solve this problem ?


For example same message in thunderbird on pc
0_1503494583313_Screenshot from 2017-08-23 16-21-25.png

Hi GloomyDay,

it looks like this issue: https://jira.z-hub.io/browse/ZP-1048. Please also check the comments.

Could you also try Z-Push 2.3.8beta1?


i have updated to version 2.3.8 beta 1 .Everything works fine now ,but z-push may be broken again after a month of work.I will be watching by z-push work,Thanks for reply !

Nope, problem was not solved,problem still occurs on Android 6.0.1 …

Hi GloomyDay,

is it for all emails or just some? Could you post a WBXML log for such an email?


@manfred yes ,but where can i find WBXML log ?

There’s a wiki page which explains it: https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/ZP/Debugging. It’s also mentioned in the INSTALL.


@manfred Ok ,i will send you logs on monday .I can’t get logs today .

I’ve reconfigured the email app on my phone (just deleted and added again an email account) and everything began to be displayed normally, so the problem is closed at the moment. If problem happens again I’ll report about that and attach the logs

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