PHP Warning: mapi_logon_zarafa()

  • Hi guys,

    I’m trying to migrate from last Zarafa Version (zcp 7.2.6) to the current core- on Centos 7

    Here is what I did so far:

    1. Backed up the Zarafa configuration with zarafa-backup-plus
    2. Deleted all old zcp and zarafa-webapp files, and even all mapi files I could find
    3. Backed up my /etc/zarafa folder in a .tar file
    4. Backed up /var/lib/ldap and updated the LDAP schema to Kopano
    5. Copied the attachements to kopano directory with right permissions and ownership
    6. Installed new Kopano core and Webapp .rpm files
    7. Updated Kopano configuration files according to my old Zarafa configuration

    (I skipped the postfix configuration until I was able to use the UI and access my old mails.)

    I’ve allready done this a few month ago when I took a first look at Kopano and everything seemed to be ok, until I ran into an error with accessing the old mails/attachements. Thats why I backed up all Kopano configuration files and switched back to Zarafa.

    Two days ago I gave it another shot and all services started without any errors or warnings. When I run kopano-admin I can even see that all my user accounts are available with right store sizes and everything.

    Username:               loginname
    Fullname:               My Name
    Emailaddress:           mymail@mydomain.tld
    Active:                 yes
    Administrator:          no
    Address book:           Visible
    Auto-accept meeting req:no
    Out Of Office:          disabled
    Last logon:             19.08.2017 22:37:25
    Last logoff:            19.08.2017 22:37:25
    Mapped properties:
            PR_EC_ENABLED_FEATURES  mobile; outlook
            PR_EC_DISABLED_FEATURES imap; pop3
    Current user store quota settings:
     Quota overrides:       no
     Warning level:         unlimited
     Soft level:            unlimited
     Hard level:            unlimited
    Current store size:     342.36 MB
    Groups (3):

    So far so good!
    But when I want to access my Mails, through Webapp, Phone (Activesync), etc. , I get the following error in the httpd log:

    PHP Warning:  mapi_logon_zarafa(): Service unavailable in /usr/share/kopano-webapp/server/includes/core/class.mapisession.php on line 91, referer: https://mydomain.tld/webapp/

    IMAP on the other side seems to work… somehow. At least I am able to login and see my mails. Authentication doesn’t seem to be the problem here.
    I tried searching for a mistake by comparing the Zarafa files and the Kopano files but wasn’t able to find anything.

    If anyone has an idea or a hint where I should look it would be very much appreciated. Until these issues are solved I am not able to make the switch to Kopano.

    Edit1: IMAP Access is possible, I see my mails and everything. But the weird thing is that I am not able to open all attachements correctly. I can download them all but some (~50%) can’t be opened due to “incorrect formatting or file extension”. And I can’t see any errors in der logs either.


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