AD and kopano not working after migration form zarafa

Hi all,

Having troubles doing ldap with active directory after having installed kopano.
This was working with zarafa 7.1

On AD the kopano schema is installed.

Error in logs:

Sat Aug 12 10:35:42 2017: [error  ] LDAP query in "" failed: (&(&(kopanoAccount=1)(|(objectClass=user)))(|(sAMAccountName=ext\2Ebraha))) (result=0x20, No such object)
Sat Aug 12 10:35:42 2017: [warning] Authentication by plugin failed for user "usernamex": Trying to authenticate failed: ldap_search_ext_s: No such object; username = usernamex
Sat Aug 12 10:35:42 2017: [warning] Failed to authenticate user "usernamex" from "file:///var/run/kopano/server.sock" using program "apache2"
Sat Aug 12 10:35:49 2017: [debug  ] Accepted incoming connection from file:///var/run/kopano/server.sock```

Suggestions to debug??


For the record:

Added this:

ldap_search_base = dc=domain,dc=local

Was not present in sample file in /usr/share/kopano.

It seems to be working now.