No dynamicGroups and addresslists with samba AD

  • Hi there,
    with zarafa 7.1 we use some dynamicGroups and addresslist with openLDAP. Now we want to switch to kopano 8.3.3. with samba 4 AD.
    The kopano-dynamicGroups and kopano-addresslists where created with the ADS extension and mmc plugin
    The ldap_group_search_filter was set to empty. No change.
    The samba 4 AD integration works for my users and i can list all users and groups from AD, but i can not see any dynamicGroup or addresslist.

    has anyone a solution for me?

  • Kopano

    Hi @emttom ,

    can you share some more information about your setup. maybe some of your searchfilter and some ldaif example users that should be matched. and your ldap.cfg configuration of course.

  • Hi @fbartels

    ok some more informations.
    kopano-admin -l lists all my users from AD successfully
    kopano-admin -L lists all my groups from AD succesfully, but no dynamic groups or addresslists

    the file /etc/openldap/ldap.conf

    BASE    dc=emtdom,dc=intern
    URI     ldap:// ldap://
    TLS_CACERTDIR   /etc/openldap/certs
    TLS_REQCERT     allow
    SASL_NOCANON    on

    the file /etc/kopano/ldap.cfg

    !include /etc/kopano/
    ldap_port = 636
    ldap_protocol = ldaps
    ldap_bind_user =  CN=svc-plm-ldapquery,OU=emt-service,OU=emt-users,DC=emtdom,DC=intern
    ldap_bind_passwd = <some password>
    ldap_authentication_method = bind
    ldap_search_base = dc=emtdom,dc=intern

    in i changed only two settings

    ldap_user_search_filter = (&(objectCategory=Person)(kopanoAccount=1))
    ldap_group_search_filter =

    The Kopano AD Extension 1.0 only gives two options when creating new objects.
    The kopanoAddressList and the kopanoDynamicGroup are nearly identical, exept the objectclass differs :-(



    With the ADSI-Editor i can watch my dynamic group and addresslist LDAP attributes…

    here are some ldifde exports

    here my addresslist example

    dn: CN=grp-kopano-list,OU=emt-group,DC=emtdom,DC=intern
    changetype: add
    objectClass: top
    objectClass: kopanoAddresslist
    instanceType: 4
    whenCreated: 20170809070558.0Z
    uSNCreated: 27263
    objectGUID:: Q4xXNKcmnkqgpSUeiVcRHw==
    kopanoFilter: (physicalDeliveryOfficeName=Abenberg)
    cn: grp-kopano-list
    name: grp-kopano-list
    kopanoAccount: 1
    kopanoBase: DC=emtdom,DC=intern
    whenChanged: 20170810065226.0Z
    uSNChanged: 27310
    distinguishedName: CN=grp-kopano-list,OU=emt-group,DC=emtdom,DC=intern

    and the example for the kopanoDynamicGroup

    dn: CN=grp-emt-abg,OU=emt-group,DC=emtdom,DC=intern
    changetype: add
    objectClass: top
    objectClass: kopanoDynamicGroup
    cn: grp-emt-abg
    instanceType: 4
    whenCreated: 20170809065801.0Z
    uSNCreated: 27260
    name: grp-emt-abg
    objectGUID:: Quf69RmUhUS3DTSA0PiGow==
    kopanoAccount: 1
    kopanoFilter: (physicalDeliveryOfficeName=Abenberg)
    kopanoBase: DC=emtdom,DC=intern
    whenChanged: 20170810070220.0Z
    uSNChanged: 27313
    distinguishedName: CN=grp-emt-abg,OU=emt-group,DC=emtdom,DC=intern

    And one user the dynamicGroup and the addresslist should match

    dn: CN=goetz,OU=emt-users,DC=emtdom,DC=intern
    changetype: add
    objectClass: top
    objectClass: person
    objectClass: organizationalPerson
    objectClass: user
    sn:: R8O2dHo=
    givenName: Christian
    instanceType: 4
    whenCreated: 20170405081523.0Z
    uSNCreated: 23427
    objectGUID:: OMwM/Yp2eE2KGJuK0HEiYw==
    badPwdCount: 0
    codePage: 0
    badPasswordTime: 0
    lastLogoff: 0
    lastLogon: 0
    primaryGroupID: 513
    accountExpires: 9223372036854775807
    logonCount: 0
    sAMAccountName: goetz
    sAMAccountType: 805306368
    userPrincipalName: goetz@emtdom.intern
    objectCategory: CN=Person,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=emtdom,DC=intern
    userAccountControl: 66048
    cn: goetz
    name: goetz
    streetAddress:: Qm9zY2hzdHJhw59lIDc=
    l: Abenberg
    st: Bayern
    c: DE
    countryCode: 276
    co: Deutschland
    postalCode: 91183
    memberOf: CN=grp-plm,OU=emt-group,DC=emtdom,DC=intern
    displayName:: R8O2dHosIENocmlzdGlhbg==
    telephoneNumber: +49 (0) 8856 9225 125
    lockoutTime: 0
    pwdLastSet: 131438134670000000
    kopanoAccount: 1
    physicalDeliveryOfficeName: Abenberg
    whenChanged: 20170811144401.0Z
    uSNChanged: 27344
    distinguishedName: CN=goetz,OU=emt-users,DC=emtdom,DC=intern

  • @emttom said in No dynamicGroups and addresslists with samba AD:

    in i changed only two settings

    Bear with me, I still using the Zarafa attribute names in our AD but it should be very similar.
    My ldap.activedirectory.cfg looks like this:

    # Object settings
    # Top level search base, every object should be available under this tree
    ldap_search_base =
    # attribute name which is/(should: was) used in ldap_user_search_filter
    ldap_object_type_attribute = objectClass
    ldap_user_type_attribute_value = user
    ldap_group_type_attribute_value = group
    ldap_contact_type_attribute_value = contact
    ldap_company_type_attribute_value = organizationalUnit
    ldap_addresslist_type_attribute_value = zarafaAddresslist
    ldap_dynamicgroup_type_attribute_value = zarafaDynamicGroup
    # Dynamicgroup settings
    # Add a filter to the dynamicgroup search
    # Hint: Use the zarafaAccount attribute in the filter to differentiate
    # between non-zarafa and zarafa dynamic groups.
    # Optional, default = empty (match everything)
    ldap_dynamicgroup_search_filter = 
    # This is the unique attribute of a dynamicgroup which is never going
    # to change, unless the dynamicgroup is removed from LDAP. When this
    # value changes, Zarafa will remove the previous dynamicgroup from the
    # database, and create a new dynamicgroup with this unique value
    ldap_dynamicgroup_unique_attribute = cn
    # This value can be 'text' or 'binary'. For OpenLDAP, only text is used.
    ldap_dynamicgroup_unique_attribute_type = text
    # This is the name of the attribute on the dynamicgroup object that
    # specifies the filter to be applied for this dynamicgroup. All users
    # matching this filter AND matching the default
    # ldap_user_search_filter will be included in the dynamicgroup
    ldap_dynamicgroup_filter_attribute = zarafaFilter
    # This is the name of the attribute on the dynamicgroup object that
    # specifies the search base to be applied for this dynamicgroup.
    ldap_dynamicgroup_search_base_attribute = zarafaBase
    # The attribute containing the name of the dynamicgroup
    ldap_dynamicgroup_name_attribute = cn

    With those settings, you should see the Dynamic Group with kopano-admin -L

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