DeskApp/WebApp Preview Window options - Feature Request

Let me begin by acknowledging that all end-users are stupid… That said, we have a complaint which might be more of a feature request…

So different attachments open differently based on the type of attachment and whether you are using DeskApp or WebApp…

  1. A PDF will open by default in the Preview Window, however a DOC will not.
  • I understand that this is because the Preview Window can display DOCs so the option is not available. But apparently this is too confusing to some users and they would prefer that all attachments open the same way!
  • Other users like the Preview Window however they are complaining that when the Preview Window is open, they can view the email - i.e. that the Preview Window doesn’t open up as a separate window or tab.
  1. When opening a DOC (for example) in WebApp you either get the browser’s download dialog, or it opens directly in the application depending on the browser setting. But in DeskApp it only allows you to save.
  • I understand that this is a browser thing, and I’m assuming that the DeskApp settings could be modified if you had Chrome installed. But if you don’t, how do you modify this options?

So I guess my questions/requests are:
Can we have options in WebApp to disable the Preview Window?
Can we allow the Preview Window to open in a separate window or tab?
Can we allow DeskApp to change some addition settings in relation to how it handles files? (Maybe an advanced section)


In addition, I’ve been asked if it is possible to define the default “Download Location” in DeskApp somewhere?

Again, I believe this could be done by changing the setting in Chrome, but it you don’t have Chrome installed…


Hi Bob,

You are right that the previewer does not have the capability of displaying .doc(x) files - there is no good way of rendering these file types in a browser. The simplest way to disable the preview window is by disabling the plugin all together (an individual user can do this through the ‘plugins’ section in settings).

When it comes to viewing the email (or the rest of WebApp) when using the previewer, a ticket is available:

A download manager for DeskApp is in the works: One of the subtickets there also describes setting a default download location and controlling how downloaded files should be handled.


said in DeskApp/WebApp Preview Window options - Feature Request:

When opening a DOC (for example) in WebApp you either get the browser’s download dialog, or it opens directly in the application depending on the browser setting. But in DeskApp it only allows you to save.

I will only add a comment to this remark. I too had the misfortune recently to have a user complain about the behavior of DeskApp when receiving attachments. It’s true that when you click on an attachment in DeskApp, that is not handled by FilePreview, then you get a “Save as”-dialog. But, once you have pressed the “save”-button, the attachment actually opens automatically with the correct program. The extra step, to just press the “save”-button is actually imho a good move, since this gives you a very fast way of saving your downloaded attachment to another folder other than Downloads. I have having all my attachments pile up inside the Download-folder.

But, it would be nice if we could have a configuration option so that some users can be speared the burden of extra clicking this button…

Hi Klausade,

A configuration option will be implemented indeed.
Bob mentioned KD-8, but to be more precise: (subticket of KD-8). might also be interesting for you :)

The tickets listed above are fantastic - Thanks

Just to clarify a few things. We use Firefox as our default browser, so I was unaware of the behaviour within Chrome. But it appears that most of my issues happen within Chrome as well.

I have been able to get around some of the issues by installing and launching chrome with the --user-data-dir switch to point it at the Kopano Deskapp User Data folder:

"C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --user-data-dir="%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Kopano DeskApp\User Data" {MAIL_URL}
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