Get addressbook contact picture


how can i get the contact picture in the addressbook of some contacts?

My Code:

// Open addressbok
if (!$abEntry = mapi_msgstore_openentry($publicStore, hex2bin(FOLDER_ENTRYID))) {
	errExit('Cannot open addressbook by ENTRYID!');

// Query entryid:
$message = mapi_msgstore_openentry($publicStore, $contactEntryID);
if (!$message) {
	errExit("Cannot get entryid");

// Get attachments
$attachmentTable = mapi_message_getattachmenttable($message);
$attachmentData = mapi_table_queryallrows($attachmentTable);

I can read all attachments of a contact, but how to know, which attachment ist the contact picture?

Please help me!

Hi @dbgtmaster ,

briefly talked to a developer about this and the attachment in questions contains the property PR_ATTACHMENT_CONTACTPHOTO


I’m curious. what are you developing? We have some external plugins and project listed at, maybe you want to add your project later as well.


thanks for your response, i try it.
I develop a script for my asterisk, which query the incoming call number to a public addressbook and displays the name and photo, if availble.