Exchange to Kopano: Imapsync public folders

  • Hi,

    we want to migrate an old exchange installation with a large number of public folders to Kopano.

    A first test with a pst export told us, that exporting the public folders would take several hours. We therefore decided to start syncing the public folders between the two servers with imapsync. And then do a final sync on the day we intend to finally move the users to Kopano.

    The sync itself, by using admin accounts on both servers, is nearly working as expected. But instead of storing the folders and emails beneath the public folders on Kopano, a folder called “public folders” is created in the inbox of the account that is used for login into the Kopano server.

    Does anyone has a hint which parameter has to be added to the imapsync command to store public folders under public folders? The current command looks like this

    imapsync --host1 exchange.domain.local  --user1 administrator --password1 secret --authmech1 LOGIN --host2 kopano.domain.local --user2 in-put --password2 secret --authmech2 LOGIN

    Thanks for any hints or suggestions,


  • Kopano

  • Hi fbartels,

    I’m currently using imapsync with the paramater

    –regextrans2 ‘s!&ANY-ffentliche\ Ordner!Public\ Folders/Alle\ &ANY-ffentlichen\ Ordner!’

    but this results in a strange error:

    ERROR: 76 NO STATUS error finding folder at /usr/share/perl5/Mail/ line 1365.
    Mail::IMAPClient::ANON(“76 NO STATUS error finding folder\x{d}\x{a}”) called at /usr/share/perl5/Mail/ line 1401
    Mail::IMAPClient::_imap_command_do(Mail::IMAPClient=HASH(0xd3d608), "STATUS “Public Folders/Alle \x{26}ANY-ffentlichen Ordner/KV/Beh\x{26}AP”…) called at /usr/share/perl5/Mail/ line 1226

    is this an encoding problem? Obviously the script is able to read “Öffentliche Ordner” on the exchange, but does not find “Alle Öffentlichen Ordner” on the Kopano server.



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