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  • Hi everybody,

    I found a post in nextcloud forum how to use the ios SpreedME App to connect to nextcloud Spreed.
    When I try to connect to our https://webapp.mydom.de/webmeetings/ it gets green(url seems to work), but I have no field to put my logon credentials.
    Is there any way?

    Nexcloud Forum iOS Spreed

    *Yes, the Spreed.ME iOS app53 can be used with a standalone-Spreed WebRTC server as well as a Spreed WebRTC server running with Nextcloud/ownCloud.

    Install the Spreed.ME iOS app53
    It will ask you if you want to use a Spreedbox or the Spreed.ME service. Select "Spreedbox" (we know.. that's now very intuitive)
    The app now asks you to enter the URL to your Nextcloud installation. Also provide username + password, as you (currently) need to be authenticated to use the service from the iOS app.

  • any other chances to get webmeetings on ipad / iphone?

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