Repeatable Error "Could not save message." about respond to requests for read receipts

  • Hi all. Pls help

    I am install core-8.4.0~1103_9.1-RHEL_7-x86_64 on latest CentOS7+updates. Configure 1 mail domain + auth users in AD.

    1. I create a new test email for the user inside the domain.
    2. I set the flag “Request notification of reading”
    3. I am sending the email.
    4. I enter the account of the recipient of the email
    5. I select a new received test email.
    6. “The sender of this message has asked to be notified when you read this message. Do you wish to notify the sender?” answer YES.
    7. Show error “Could not save message.”

    All logs files on server not include errors. :(

    This error is repeated through WEBAPP and IMAP.

    Prompt this bug in the kopano-server or configuration error?

  • Kopano

    Hi @msergv ,

    thanks for your report. this error has been reported in the past and was created for this.

  • kopano-server- ( core-
    Bug fixed.

    Thank you

  • Kopano

    Hi @msergv ,

    thanks for the feedback.

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