Kopano does not auto-respond to automated messages

  • I am trying to configure a mailbox with an out of office reply.

    In this instance, I am trying to get it to reply to a ticketing system. However the dagent logs are throwing up the following error:

    Fri Jul 14 16:38:45 2017: [debug ] [11538] Target user has OOF active
    Fri Jul 14 16:38:45 2017: [debug ] [11538] Avoiding OOF reply to an automated message.

    I can understand the logic in this setup to avoid an infinite loop of messages, but in this instance being able to respond to these automated messages would be very useful as it would allow me to update ticket users and ask them to raise new tickets.

    Is there a way I can do 1 or more of the following?

    • Permit out of office replies to automated messages? If so, where would this be configured?
    • Configure how the out of office determines what an automated message is and configure it?
    • Whitelist the email address I am trying to respond to with out of office?

    Any/all of these would probably be useful for what I am trying to achieve.

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Looking more closely at this I think it may be to do with the X-Auto-Response-Suppress header in an email.

    Is there a way to ignore this in out of office for a single domain?

  • Kopano

    Hi @markct ,

    that header is indeed the culprit here. unfortunately this behavior is currently not configurable and cannot be worked around. If you are willing to submit a patch for this the corresponding code can be found at https://stash.kopano.io/projects/KC/repos/kopanocore/browse/spooler/DAgent.cpp#1514-1535. you can find further information about contributing patches at https://stash.kopano.io/projects/KC/repos/kopanocore/browse/CONTRIBUTING.md.

  • That’s beyond my scope unfortunately, thanks for letting me know though. I’ll see if I can change this from with the ticketing system.

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