Custom backend with package installation

  • Hi.
    Is it possible to add additional backend (read: zimbra) when installing z-push via apt/yum packages? Is it safe to just copy the backend files to system directories?


  • Yes, it is. That is how I install myself. And, running “yum update” (CentOS) does not affect the zimbra backend.

    Easiest way is to download the zimbraNN.tgz file and the file from SourceForge and install it by running the script … ./ NN

    From the latest INSTALL notes

    New For Release 65 and later. A bash shell script is being provided to simplify the basic deployment
    of the zimbra backend. Instructions are as follows :-
    Usage: zpzb-install NN - where NN is the Backend Release No

    1. Login as root
    2. Place this script and the latest downloaded zimbraNN.tgz file in the [z-push home]/backend directory.
    3. chmod +700 to make it executable
    4. Execute the script by typing ./ NN
      The latest zimbraNN.tgz will be extracted into a directory zimbraNN
      If there is an existing zimbra backend directory it will be backed up as zimbra.preNN
      The existing backend files will be replaced with the latest release files except for
      those files that contain user settings
      Owner and selinux permissions will be set on the folders/files to match those on z-push
    5. Check the output for files that may not have been updated automatically and compare and update as appropriate

  • Oh, missed that! Thank you very much

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