Command "/etc/kopano/userscripts/createuser" exited with non-zero status 127

When we create a new user (via Active Directory) I get the above error in the server log and user does not have a data store;

Unable to show object quota information, missing or invalid argument (0x80070057)

I checked the server, we have no /etc/kopano/userscripts folder which is a little concerning. The only thing I wonder is if when migrating from Zarafa to Kopano the userscripts directory was remove.


Hi @robin ,

which version are you currently running?

Kopano Core 8.3.1-41

Note we upgraded from Zarafa to Kopano and copied the configuration files over from Zarafa (this may be part of the issue)

Hi @robin ,

since kopano installs into a different directory it can not really be removed when upgrading from zarafa automatically. you can follow the steps in to restore your userscripts dir.

Excellent thank you