Synchronize files with a Windows CE device over USB

  • Hi

    I have a customer that want to integrate their old Windows CE devices in to our system.

    These devices don’t have an internet connection, currently they connect them via USB to a machine running Windows XP. The users then uses Active Sync to manually send a configuration file to the device and fetches any output-files created by the application running on the device.

    What we would like to build is a “gateway” running Linux and when they connect their devices via USB to the gateway, the gateway will fetch the configuration files from our backend, push that to the device automatically and also fetch any output-files and push those to our backend.

    Would we be able to use Z-Push for this type of synchronization over USB?

    BR Fredrik

  • Kopano

    Hello @lonnblad ,

    unfortunately ActiveSync and ActiveSync over the air (the one implemented in z-push) are two different things. Z-Push is geared towards syncing pim data over the air and not files over usb.

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