Send outgoing mail with mail alias

  • Hello,

    I have installed Kopano with LDAP, now i have created an e-mail alias for the users in the LDAP.
    The users wants to mail from the alias for external usage. So the core user account is “user” and the alias is “useryoda”
    For external mail the user wants to use “useryoda”, for internal usage just “user”.
    Is that possible with Kopano and LDAP?

    Advance in thanks!

  • Kopano

    @Master-Yoda at least you cannot do this automatically.

  • @fbartels So how can i achive this?

    P.S.On my old server it was possible in this situation, but when i now do the same trick on my new server the primary mail address is overwritten bij the alias.

  • Kopano

    Hi @Master-Yoda ,

    what software did you use then on you old system? In case we are talking about Kopano WebApp you could give your use send-as privileges for you alias (depending on you ldap search filter this could already be the case automatically) and then the user can manually choose the differing from address, when composing a message.

    WebApp will always choose the email address of the inbox as the sending address, so if you want to have a certain address preset then its easier to create a dedicated mailbox for this.

  • Hi @fbartels ,

    I used Outlook 2010 with Zarafa 7.1 on a CentOS with LDAP machine. If i changed the mail adres in LDAP, Outlook did send the mail as default with the alias as reply address.
    Is it a little bit clear?

    Cheers Gerard

  • Kopano

    Hi @Master-Yoda ,

    are you sure you did not add the email manually? i have not seen outlook automatically sending as an alias. have you set the primary mail address to the alias?

    Or phrased differently: can you give the exact steps how you convinced outlook to send with the alias?

  • Hi @fbartels

    Im 100% sure cause this server is still in use ;-)
    I have installed Zarafa 7.1 on a ClearOS 5.x (CentOS) system, after that i manually edit the “mail attribute” in LDAP and outlook starts to send with that mail address. but the primary user mail address is still working.

    Cheers Gerard

  • Kopano

    Hi @Master-Yoda ,

    i have to get back to this. so you are using multiple mail attributes? if you add an email alias (depending on the user search filter) the user in question can already send as this alias. but this is definitely not automatic.

    Can you show the ldap entry in question?

  • Hi ,@fbartels

    Nope its only one mail attribute, when i create a new user with name “user” and after that i change the primary mail attribute in LDAP admin to “useralias” then it sends as “useralias” but it still can receive as “user”.
    For me its a riddle… but the company really needs this.

  • Kopano

    so to recap:

    • you create a user with the username “my-username” that also has the mail attribute set to “my-username”.
    • you update the value of the mail attribute to be “my-alias”, deleting the “my-username” value from it.

    result: the user in question is able to receive mails send both to “my-username” and “my-alias”?

    This sounds like your mta configuration is the key here. your mta is able to verify both “my-alias” and “my-username” as being local users and then passed them on to kopano-dagent. for the dagent its only key that you either pass the username or primary email address (in this case “my-alias@domain”).

  • Hi @fbartels,

    Yes thats the correct situation!
    I will have a look at the configuration of my postfix server. Or you have clue what has changed in Postfix?


  • Kopano

    Hi @Master-Yoda ,

    i am not aware of any general postfix updates that could break such a workflow. But since we don’t ship a postfix configuration this is in any case all on you ;-)

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