Can't install kopano core in debian wheezy or jessie.

I’ve tried installing kopano core in wheezy & jessie, unfortunately I couldn’t install. When I install kopano client it show

dependency is not satisfiable  libkcfreebusy0

when I try to install libkcfreebusy0 it shows

dependency not sitsfiable libmapi1

when i try to install libmapi1 it shows

dependency is not satisfiable kopano-client (>= 8.4.0~1054-8.1)

how avoid this dependency problem to install kopano core.

have you uninstalled all zarafa packages?
As described in the manual, did your run dpkg - i * and than apt-get install -f?
I installed it sucessful on jessie.
best regards

This worked. I was installing one by one. Now I’ve installed Thanks.