Errors since migration

  • Hello,

    I recently migrated our companies Zarafa email system to Kopano using the drop-in migration, this appeared to work smoothly (still using the Zarafa AD schema at the moment).

    However since then we have seen an increased number of errors in the system (sorry this is a bit of a catch all post).

    • Ical is throwing a lot of errors (I previously used Thunderbird with ical but not it just fails). The following are error lines from the log
       [error  ] [ 5678] Error converting mapi message to ical, error code: 0x8004011b corrupt data
       [error  ] [ 5678] Error processing REPORT request, error code 0x8004011b corrupt data

    I have run kopano-fsck on my own account with no luck

    • Creating a new user via AD did not create the user store.

    Sorry I didn’t capture the full details for this but after creating a user as we normally did via the windows AD tools, we attempted to log the user in only to be shown MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND. When i checked on the server the kopano-admin --details showed the user but no user store. This was fixed by manually creating the user store kopano-admin --create-store which just seems wrong (but needed fixing)

    • Lots of The sync ID 1239 does not exist warnings in the logs
      Looks like ~56,000 over 8 days. Is this something we should be concerned about

    I can split these into individual posts if preferred but as these have all been since we did a migration thought it would be worth bundling them together.

    Migration documents I followed:±+ZCP+to+Kopano+Core

    Kopano version: 8,3,1,41


    • Outlook (pre 2013) via Zarafa Client
    • Outlook via ActiveSync & Z-Push
    • WebApp & DeskApp

    Any suggestions on maintenance, fixes ect would be really appreciated.


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