Out of Office not Work

  • My out of Office not Work
    in dagent.log with debug mode
    ] [error ] Command “/usr/sbin/kopano-autorespond” “xxx” “xx” “Out of office” xxx" “/tmp/autorespond.Gn6CPk” exited with non-zero status 1
    Fri Jul 7 14:59:08 2017: [11276] [error ] Autoresponder failed

    What ist the Problem

  • I have some fix for the Problem but ist not correct. chmod 755 /usr/bin/procmail wh is this so and give es a other Solutin

  • Hello @franktron,

    i would recommend to send informations about your KC-version, php and your system.

    on top you could:

    check your /var/log/message and search for some errors at the same time.
    check /etc/kopano/autorespond and make sure the path to sendmail is correct. //wrote before i’ve seen your respond
    check permissions on /var/lib/kopano/autorespond - kopano will create a temp-file there.


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